Jean-Claude Brosseau

The jewel fragrance

Ombre Rubis being delicate and special is worn as a piece of smart finery, an original jewel, which can accompany you at any time: day or night. 

Ombre Rubis was created in collaboration with perfumer Thomas Fontaine; recalling the nicest of many floral fragrances. While being very contemporary and beyond – it has an unexpected mix of styles, but at the same time they are pure and alluring, through this amazing assemblage of a citrus bergamot start blending with the rhubarb and mimosa.

The virginal orange blossom, the water jasmine and violet leaves almost complete this glimmering composition, which ultimately lead on to the almost edible softness of Madagascar vanilla, cedar, coconut – here we have a truly wonderful floral oriental fragrance!

The Composition

Ombre Rubis is a floral oriental with a citrus bergamot start, which becomes crispy through ligneousrhubarb and powdery mimosa.

Then the heart "takes off" through a bouquet of virginal orange blossom, water jasmine and violet leaves.

And finally the sweet and smooth base of white musks and cedar wood are delicately orientalised with Madagascan vanilla and styrax.