Jean-Claude Brosseau

A Radiant Presence

"Ombre Bleue" is a perfume of vacations, beaches and distant journeys. Sun-filled memories mingle with the purity of the islands, and many other scents; this perfume resembles a flutter of wings or a light ripple of leaves.

It is hard for any of us to forget the particularly happy childhood scents of the beach and the sea, when you draw near. Every shore offers its own fragrance. Orange tree, mimosa and bougainvillea stand for the Mediterranean, and the sea-pink, rose, vanilla and plum for the Atlantic Ocean. Tiare flower embodies the Pacific.

"Ombre Bleue" will sweep you in a great wave that blends these fragrances with orange blossom, jasmine, lily of the valley, beeswax and monoï. You will remember the carefree feeling of summer vacations and the joyous sensuality of tanned bodies. You will savour the sunny, hot atmosphere in the shade of pine trees or beach tents facing the blue sea.

Close your eyes, lie down on the sand, in a hammock or a beach chair. The charm will sweep over you, taking you to a bewitching place called paradise.

Worn in the winter, it exudes a sweeping sensation of light and the sun that warms and cheers up the atmosphere.

The Composition

The heart note consists of a large flower bouquet: jasmine, rose and lily of the valley, sparkling with cheer and joy, awakening the delicious accents of plum. This effect of warmth gives way to the tender and sweet aroma of vanilla and beeswax.

Olfactory family: sunny floral.