Jean-Claude Brosseau

The new "Fleurs d'Ombre" fragrance concocted in 2013 by Thomas Fontaine is the olfactory evocation of a Monet painting all in spring flowers with enriched pastel tones.

Composition of "Fleurs d'Ombre / Nymphéa"

The fruity bergamot, pink pepper start charms us immediately, followed in heart by glycine which, by its spicy note, blends to water lily and jasmine in order to glorify all its florality and sensuality.

In bottom notes, sandalwood, raspberry and white musks are making a very harmonious complement. It's a floral fragrance, very subtle and pleasant.

Olfactory family: floral, spicy, green, fruity.


The packaging is in the tradition of "Fleurs d'Ombre", classic and understated, with a glycine-colored bottom, printed with the traditional logo of "Fleurs d'Ombre" in green letters, as the rest of the texts. The stylized amaryllis flower present on the Brosseau bottles is also represented on the facing of the packaging.

The juice contained in the octagonal Brosseau bottle is of a pale and luminous glycine-mauve tone. It is covered with a violet spherical cap.