Jean-Claude Brosseau

A very modern olfactory novelty

Created in 2011, “Bois d’Orient” is announcing itself as a product with exotic tendency, but of international class. Under the name of “Bois d'Orient” (“oriental wood”) is hiding a very modern olfactory novelty since its perfectly associated components are forming a scent at one and the same time rich, fruity, woody, spicy and amber. The cocktail of the magnificent products that constitute this fragrance, selected and proportioned with a permanent care of perfectionism and seduction, is of a rarity of which one can be proud. The obviousness of the choice of composition is the proof of a real quality – the one of pleasing – and is positioning us in the category of the unforgettable French fragrances : “Bois d'Orient” is French and from those of which one does not grow tired.

The Composition

The citrus beginning is a refreshing cocktail of lemon and mandarin accompanied by the bite of spearmint and juniper berries. Then comes Mediterranean fig blowing hot and cold with oriental cinnamon and juicy raspberries. Cedarwood and sandalwood drowning into white musk's and with the cistus and praline provide a meaning of comfortable sensuality.

Olfactory family: spicy, fruity, woody, amber.

The Presentation

Its bottle, already well-known since it is part of the line of eau de toilette from the brand, is transparent and allows to see the colour of the product, which is made of a nice blue tone, and its spherical cap is in a dark grey tone.